To sleep or not to sleep?

Simon Stephens, Director of Casework, discusses the links between Insomnia and Addiction

I was asked today to take part in a Radio Newcastle discussion on the use and misuse of sleeping medication.
According to the Economic and Social Research Council it is a regular occurrence for one in ten of us to use some form of sleeping medication. Last year in England, 15.3 million prescriptions were given out for sleeping medication. Whilst there is no doubt that medication plays a vital role in short term sleep disturbance, its continued long term use can create major problems such as physical and pathological dependency.
Addictions UK‘s doctors very rarely prescribe sleeping tablets for more than a 2 week period. A lack of sleep is big problem for many people, one that can often lead to self-medication with alcohol and other substances. For many of us the fear of not sleeping is terrifying. We project just how awful we are going to feel the next day.
Many times this lack of sleep can be put down to worrying about future events or reliving past occurrences. All too often we find ourselves acting out future imagined scenarios in our minds, especially late at night. Seldom do we discuss this with others in case they think it is odd behaviour; so it remains our secret and plagues us every night.
At Addictions UK we have pioneered new techniques for “casting out the demon” of the racing brain. We also specialise in working at helping our clients live and rest in the “Here and Now”.  Pills can provide temporary relief but it is therapy that will solve the underlying problem. We often hear it repeated in early recovery just how much clients embrace and enjoy their first nights of proper sleep.
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