Binge Drinking Injuries

50% of Respondents injured through drinking

A poll conducted by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists has found half of the young adults surveyed had been injured during a night out drinking alcohol.
1,038 people aged between 18 and 34 were questioned and 52% admitted they had suffered physical harm of some sort “as a result of drinking too much or partying too hard.”
8% of respondents had broken a bone, 14% had sustained an injury to their head or face and 21% ended up in a hospital casualty department.  7% required physiotherapy to regain full mobility following their injuries.
27% of those surveyed admitted they had missed work or academic study through boozy nights out.
11% had missed a week of either activity.  The most common injuries for those affected were “bruising or cuts” (43%) and “soft tissue injuries” (22%) such as muscle, ligament or tendon damage.
Injuries reported ranged from women falling from high heeled shoes to people being attacked, others stated they had pulled a hamstring on the dance floor.
1,038 young adults were surveyed for CSP which represents 51,000 physiotherapists and related healthcare workers.
Simon Stephens Director of Case Work at Addictions UK stated “This poll shows how common alcohol related harm is in young people, those who can drink responsibly should avoid binge drinking and drink within recommended guidelines.  People who have found their alcohol use has become unmanageable should consider treatment for their dependence on alcohol.”
For more on this story see an article in The Guardian
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