Club Drugs – the new challenge

A report produced by the National Treatment for Substance misuse (NTA) showed that although overall drug use has declined there has been an increase in people requiring treatment for club drugs such as ketamine and mephedrone in the last six years.
The report Club drugs: emerging trends and risks has found that:

  • Last year 6486 people were treated for a club drug.
  • Ecstasy remains most commonly treated drug with just over 1000 adults entering treatment for this last year.
  • Mephedrone and ketamine are joining ecstasy as popular club drugs.  751 people accessed treatment for ketamine and 900 people required support for mephedrone last year.
  • Club drug users do well when they access treatment and 61% of adults successfully completed treatment for club drug use.

Simon Stephens, Director of Case Work at Addictions UK said:
“Ketamine use can lead to bladder damage and long term use of these substances can lead to psychosis.  Treatment can be very effective and we have seen excellent results.  People have overcome a range of complicated physical and psychological problems.  Whilst heroin and crack use is declining, newer club drug use is a significant challenge and people need to access treatment to help them overcome their addiction. ”
Read the report Club drugs: emerging trends and risks now.
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