War on Drugs Fails

Richard Branson calls for decriminalisation of drugs

Speaking at the première of his son’s film “Breaking the Taboo”, Richard Branson stated that the global 40 year war against narcotics gangs which has cost £1.5 trillion and failed.

“As a businessman,” he said, “if you have a failed business for two or three years you change course, you don’t just carry on.”   He has urged David Cameron and other world leaders to decriminalise all drugs.
“The consequences of this failed war have been tens of thousands of deaths, 300 million dollars a year going into the underworld, and hundreds of people being put into prison or even executed for taking drugs”.
At the same time, the Home Affairs Parliamentary Committee published their ninth report – Drugs – Breaking the Cycle.  This calls on the Government to re-examine the UK’s Drug Policies.  The Home Office rejected its call to hold a Royal Commission on this subject.
The Home Office minister, Jeremy Browne, said the government was “open to new ways of thinking”. He told the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “We are open-minded, we think it’s a decent, Thoughtful, balanced report. We will consider it carefully.”
You can read more about drug decriminalisation at BBC News.
Others take a completely different view to Richard Branson and oppose the legalisation of drugs.
Mothers against Drugs seeks to keep all drugs off the streets.  It was formed in 2001 by a group of women in Scotland who were enraged and disgusted by the volume of drug taking and dealing in their community. They wanted to highlight and tackle the real problem of drugs. As a campaigning group, it has as its main priority the establishment of Rehabilitation Centres.
Simon Stephens, Director of Casework at Addictions UK, argues that, “There is a strong case for legalising drugs as this could lead to more investment in treatment services through taxation and would help more people access treatment rather than going to prison.  However, decimalisation could lead to an increase in drug use as some people wrongly assume that because a substance is legal it is safe.”   Addictions UK promotes abstinence as a Programme of Recovery for people with addictions.
Read more about Richard Branson’s views or visit the Breaking the Taboo website
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