Welsh Health Survey

Welsh Health Survey: Analysis of the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Adults

The latest National Statistics on the mental health and wellbeing of adults produced by the Welsh Government were released on 7 July 2011 according to the arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority. These are based on data from the Welsh Health Survey for 2009, with some additional analysis from the 6 year period 2003/04-2009.

The key points from the latest release are:

  • Mental health and wellbeing is generally better amongst males, and amongst those aged 65-74; it is poorest amongst people aged 45-54.
  • Mental health and wellbeing is generally better for people who lead healthier lifestyles, although the pattern for alcohol consumption is more complex.
  • In general, adults who suffer from an illness or who use health services have poorer mental health and wellbeing.
  • Mental health and wellbeing decreases with deprivation, and is poorest amongst those living in the most deprived areas or living in households headed by someone in a routine and manual occupation or who has never worked/long term unemployed.
  • Mental health and wellbeing scores have remained fairly constant since 2003/04.

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