Recovery in Prison

Special units to help prisoners kick their drug addictions are launching in five prisons as part of the Government’s plans to reform sentencing.

New drug recovery wings will be piloted at Manchester, Middlesbrough, High Down, Bristol and Brixton prisons. They are designed to help prisoners serving short sentences of under 12 months who need intensive support during the early stages of their recovery from addiction.

The Government believes that given the strong association between drug use and reoffending, there should be more focus on recovery and challenging offenders to come off drugs.
The drug recovery wings will therefore also place a strong emphasis on connecting offenders with a wide range of community services to help them to live drug-free lives on release – such as finding a home, a job and rebuilding relationships with their families.

Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke said: ‘We want to attack the shamefully high rate of reoffending and that means cracking down hard on drug abuse inside prison.
‘That’s why we are today launching ambitious new drug recovery wings which will get prisoners clean and stop them committing more crime.’

A full review of the pilots is expected in early 2013.

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Addictions UK promotes recovery programmes throughout the UK and calls for joined-up services – especially after inmates are released from Prison back into the Community.

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