Betty Ford

Addictions UK pays tribute to Betty Ford, founder of the Betty Ford Centre, who has died at the age of 93.

Addictions UK pays tribute to Betty Ford, the widow of former President Gerald Ford and founder of drug treatment facility the Betty Ford Centre, who has died at the age of 93.

Mrs Ford, who was known for her strong opinions on public issues, established the drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in 1982. She was noted for helping to create the Betty Ford Centre for drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Rancho Mirage in California, a facility where tens of thousands of addicts have been treated. The Betty Ford Centre was present at the recent UKESAD held in London and their work has inspired many UK based projects working in the drug and alcohol addictions rehab services.

“As our nation’s First Lady, she was a powerful advocate for women’s health and women’s rights,” President Barack Obama said, following the news of Mrs Ford’s death. He added: “After leaving the White House, Mrs Ford helped reduce the social stigma surrounding addiction and inspired thousands to seek much-needed treatment.”

“I was deeply saddened this afternoon when I heard of Betty Ford’s death,” another former First Lady, Nancy Reagan, said in a statement. “No one confronted life’s struggles with more fortitude or honesty, and as a result, we all learned from the challenges she faced”

Mrs Ford, who won battles with breast cancer, and drug and alcohol addiction, sought to raise awareness about both issues. She was also outspoken on women’s rights issues.

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