New CEO of eATA

Addictions UK welcomes the appointment of new Colin Wilkie-Jones as the new CEO of eATA (European Association of Treatment Agencies).
It has been announced this week that Colin Wilkie-Jones has been appointed the new CEO of eATA (European Association of Treatment Agencies). Addictions UK is a member of this Agency along with many other reputable Private and Third Sector Agencies in our Sector.

We call upon the new eATA Chief Executive to promote Recovery Services within the United Kingdom and to ensure that eATA provides the dynamic leadership that we have received through the Concordat Group of members and in particular the Addiction Recovery Foundation.

Membership agencies not only have to work alongside Government – they must be encouraged to represent their membership’s voice. The active development of the Third Sector involved in the Recovery Movement – and Social Enterprise in particular – would be welcomed by us. It is essential for our survival and will help countless people who suffer from the ravages of alcoholism and other addictions.

We publish the eATA logo on our website – and we look forward to joining Mr Wilkie-Jones in promoting Recovery Services with other eATA members with great enthusiasm.

Addictions UK is a Social Enterprise promoting Home-based Addictions Treatment including medical Detox and on-going Relapse Prevention in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. For further information on Addictions UK contact us or telephone 0800 140 4044

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