Curious Comments

Have Civil Servants posted anti rehab comments onto the Addictions Today Website?
A blog on the Addicitons Today Website has received adverse comments puporting to come from The National Treatment Agency.

Addictions UK have been informed by Addictions Today (The Addictions Recovery Foundation) that the NTA have denied that their e-mail system had been hacked. Their Spokesman acknowledged that someone – yet to be identified – was responsible for sending a response to the Addictions Today web site attacking some Rehab projects following the publication of Kathy Gyngell’s report on Government Addictions Policy. This is contrary to the Civil Service Code of Practice.

To date, Jon Hibbs of the NTA has issued a denial that the NTA has been hacked and at the same time he denied personal responsibility for this anonymous posting. Others who have contributed include the Director and Chairman of WiredIn – the Recovery Blogging Website
We are looking forward to hearing the results of the NTA enquiry. Surely a Government Agency should not be the source of unattributed attacks on Rehabs?

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