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Why Choose a Home Detox?

Over the last ten years, alcohol and drug-related deaths in the UK have steadily been on the rise.

Currently, figures relating to deaths as a result of drug usage are at record levels, with Scotland now deemed the drug death capital of Europe.

This has shockingly coincided with the closure of many UK based residential rehabilitation centres, which has led to rationing of support nationwide for those living with substance misuse issues.

In addition, other services, so synonymous to substance misuse like; mental health services, street drug and alcohol services, probation and hospitals have also seen rising demand, whilst cuts have been documented throughout these services.

With the government advising individuals to seek help through mutual aid, more strain and importance is being placed on third sector organisations. This has led to a sharp rise in those seeking alternative solutions and more assistance from services like AddictionsUK in the form of home detox.

AddictionsUK, founded in 2004, by a group of people who were either in recovery themselves or responsible for caring with someone in recovery, set out with the aim to help others find recovery with a special interest in home detox.

Since that initial interest, AddictionsUK has gone on to help hundreds through their successful home detox model. When looking specifically at overcoming an alcohol use disorder, or stopping another form of problem drinking, like binge drinking or heavy drinking, is very important for both short-term and long-term health to be considered.

However, just quitting alcohol is not that easy. People who drink a lot of alcohol for months or years are at risk of withdrawal symptoms because the brain has become dependent on the presence of alcohol to regulate the body and emotions. As expected, most withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable. However, some can be life-threatening.

This means that detoxing at home without the proper support or professional assistance is risky. AddictionsUK helps negate this risk with a highly specialised team of prescribers, counsellors and healthcare professionals on hand to help the individual not only through their detox stage but also offering a vital aftercare package to support the individual on a route of long term recovery.

A carefully planned detox is vital to protect the individual from experiencing withdrawal symptoms like physical shaking, anxiety, jumpiness, insomnia, headaches, irritability, rapid heartbeat and breathing rate, and confusion.

Often, the individual may feel like they must drink alcohol to feel normal, not overly anxious, calm in social settings, or get to sleep. In some senses, this is true, but consuming more and more alcohol is very dangerous.

“…the alcoholic can not function with or without alcohol…”

— Alcoholics Anonymous

A quote from the AA, we feel this best describes this stage. AddictionsUK use all their experience and professional links to ensure that each detox is individually planned with many forms of assistance including remote assistance if preferred.

AddictionsUK are available to ensure that all prescriptions are administered correctly, and the correct dosage is available when needed. The key to getting effective treatment at home is to be enrolled with a structured program.

AddictionsUK offers alcohol home with structure that is specifically tailored for everyone. AddictionsUK is a strong advocate of a person-centred approach and does not feel that alcohol dependence can be treated in a ‘one shoe size fits all approach’.

AddictionsUK self-designed programs offer similar treatment to what people would experience if they were in a residential program: there is an initial medical assessment, and medications are used to help people deal with the physical symptoms of detox when appropriate.

Healthcare professionals will be available during this period to ensure medication is issued at the right dose and correctly. In addition, AddictionsUK has (governing body) registered counsellors on hand to guide the individual to address the root cause of their addiction, best preparing them for long term recovery.

Counselling sessions are held remotely, either via Skype or phone and, in our experience, we have found this approach to increase the level of honesty for home detox individuals. Many prefer this approach as they fear judgement and find it much easier disclosing honestly remotely then they would in actual person.

These sessions are arranged frequently as sporadic sessions have a lower rate of success. Alongside these sessions, there will be homework and further assignments to be completed to help the individual, just as would be found in a residential detox and rehabilitation setting.

Individuals who choose home detox need to have a certain level of self-awareness and self-direction, that will give them the strength to stay sober even when they have the option to use.

The support offered by AddictionsUK will provide a routine and help instil a level of discipline to ensure the individual understand coping strategies to handle those triggers. Furthermore, home detox is a great option for those who have a previous understanding or period in recovery.

Helping those who have maybe had a period of relapse after a period of recovery, providing that push and guiding them back on the road to recovery.

Home detox is certainly an appealing solution for those who want to find sobriety without completely interrupting their lives. AddictionsUK have helped hundreds of individuals find sobriety.

Many have work commitments or family and they simply can’t commit to residential rehabilitation in addition to the rising cost of residential rehabilitation and demand for availability can also pose barriers to sobriety. Home detox offers a cost-effective solution with Addictions UK offering a home detox package from (price).

If you are interested in a home detox or home counselling package please contact us on 0800 1404044 or complete the online form to contact us.

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