What’s your purpose in life?

We are all born and start our journey in life towards inexorable and inevitable termination. The years between birth and death is the period we have goals with or without a conscious purpose. The purpose keeps changing as we grow. As children, our purpose will be vastly different from what it may be as adults […]

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From Pride to Humility

One of the main characteristics of an alcoholic or addict is his self-centeredness. He or she is full of pride, though there may be little he can be proud of. He may be lying in the gutter, but still looks down upon others. “Most of the trouble in the world is caused by people wanting […]

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Life is a terminal disease

Life is full of change. Ever-changing, never still. Change is the only constant. Youth comes and goes; beauty and pleasure are transitory. The sun, nature, matter – all are in flux. Nothing lasts, not even sorrow. However, this fact escapes attention when we are young or even in middle age. In youth, one feels it […]

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My journey into meditation

Ways to develop, practise and reasons to be patient. Meditation and I have never gone hand in hand. I’ve often been closed-minded and reluctant to build it into my daily routine. When I first started attending 12 Step recovery meetings, it was the mention of meditation that made me recoil, more than the word prayer. […]

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The Impact of Addiction and Recovery on Financial Insecurity

For most individuals in active addiction, the ability to adequately manage their finances is an almost impossible task. They are no strangers to financial insecurity. Addiction is a progressive illness: it eventually takes priority over every other aspect of life, including finances. As addiction wreaks havoc and substances become the top priority, budgets are overstretched, […]

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7 Ways to Find Real Freedom

Ancient Indian Yogic philosophy identified five Kleshas or ‘afflictions’: Avidya (ignorance), Asmita (egoism), Raga (attachment), Dvesa (aversion or hatred), and Abinivesah (clinging to life and fear of death). Some of the kleshas afflict us daily at a subtle level, yet others can be overwhelming and cause significant pain. One thing that is common with these […]

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Is Social Media Harmful?

Social media is now part of our lives. It includes popular sites such a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok. There are concerns about its impact on our lives, especially our psychological and emotional wellbeing. The issues may also be related to other sites such as YouTube, WhatsApp and Snapchat. During these times of social […]

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