The Trouble with Resentments

Holding on to grievances, often may seem justified, but is it worth it and who does it harm? I am sure we can all relate to finding certain people in our life difficult. As humans, we have hundreds of interactions with individuals and groups over our regular week. It would not be rational to think […]

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Who remembers the 80’s? A time for spandex fashion, mobile phones like bricks and outrageously voluminous hairstyles? You may think, why are you asking me this? Well, who remembers a chirpy song from that era by a guy called Bobby McFerrin titled ‘Don’t worry, be happy’? Like most one-hit wonders, it came and went. But […]

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Alcoholism in the UK

If you feel you are in trouble with your drinking, or your consumption of alcohol has reached a point where it troubles you or your loved ones, you may be interested in knowing that Addictions UK is here to help you. Addictions UK was founded in 2002 by a group of people in recovery whose […]

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Addiction: Denial and Recovery

It is often so frustrating for the family of an addict or alcoholic to convince him or her to seek treatment for their condition. For the family, it can be incredibly exasperating that the affected person does not even acknowledge that they have a problem with addiction. In such a situation, the addict is actually […]

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