Are you attending the UKESAD … The United Kingdom / European Symposium on Addictive Disorders?

JOIN THE REHABILITATION REVOLUTION: Gain the expertise to move addicts into full recovery.incorporating Association of Intervention Specialists meetings/training and In Excess TV live filming and interviews. Meet influential stakeholders from a wide range of Addictions Treatment Providers. Enjoy some vital training and network at a major International Addictive Disorders Symposium.19, 20, 21 May 2011 & post-symposium 22 May 2011

Over 60 worldclass experts in how to recover from addiction/ dependence will share their knowledge and expertise with attendees at more than 40 presentations. UKESAD is the only event in the UK and Europe which has demonstrated how to achieve long-term, sustainable recovery.

And a big thank you to their Charitable sponsors who have made attendance at UKESAD possible and subsidised entry for all counsellors, therapists, healthcare professionals and researchers. This in turn raises standards and quality of care and policy and thus raises successful outcomes for those who need help to recover from addiction.

Addictions UK has just booked for a place on this important UK event and we look forward to the practical training and the opportunity to report details on our blog. It is an opportunity for us the meet other providers and colleagues within the Addictions Field. If anyone is interested we suggest that they contact the Addictions Recovery Foundation 193 Victoria Street, London SW1E 5NE Tel: +44 (0) 207 233 5333 or contact UKESAD via their website

Addictions UK is grateful for being to attend this gathering and to meet other providers from all over the world. This is an event we cannot miss!

Addictions UK provides Home-based Addictions Recovery and Home Detox Service throughout England Scotland Wales, Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland. See of Treatment Prices on our website.

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