Face to Face Counselling for People with Addictions and Carer Support

People with addictions and their families often in desperation seek a specialist counsellor for professional help. Addictions UK can arrange face-to face sessions in many parts of the UK. Phone Counselling is also available. However, we do recommend treatment sessions that involve multiple and specialised methods – as opposed just ‘counselling’. Please contact us for a free assessment of your needs.

Addictions UK offers free assessment to carers and addicts for a wide variety of recovery treatments. In the North of England, for example, Addictions North East is an organisation that provides excellent, face-to-face support. Earlier in the week we described the work of APSS in Blackpool. There are numerous organisations that we know of throughout the UK that provide face-to-face sessions. Please contact us if you need free advice and we will share with you what is available for you.

Addictions UK also provides Home-based Addictions Treatment for alcohol and drugs and Home Detox services for addicts and carers. Please see our website for further information or telephone 0800 140 4044

Our residential and Home-based Treatment Prices are available here.

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