Denial is a killer

DENIAL = Dont Even Notice I Am Lying!

The first symptom of addiction is denial.

DENIAL is often Thought as “Don’t Even Notice I am Lying” Every day this organisation receives many phone calls from people who do not believe they are in need of help – yet for some reason they manage to telephone us. Many of those who telephone us are distraught and in tears – yet after twenty minutes or so becalm and say things like “I will talk it over with my wife / mother or girl friend”. I bet they did not seek permission to drink or take their drugs of choice in the same way!

You cannot fight addiction – surrender is the only option. We can help our clients beat their addiction. The first step is the hardest – picking up the phone and agreeing on a treatment package.

Addictions UK are the leading provider of home-based addictions treatment and we have successfully helped many people. Contact Addictions UK or telephone our helpline 0800 140 4044 and we will help you. Recovery is out there (RIOT) – You are just a phone call away from Addictions Recovery. Addictions UK can help you.

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