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Now I Have Choices

I was born into a regular family and always felt that my real troubles did not start until high school. I found it hard to fit in and was bullied, the children at my school were cruel.

I felt so misunderstood and alone. Later in adulthood, I was diagnosed with Asperger’s, and maybe this is a reason why I struggled so much to interact.  

I found alcohol at a young age. By 12 years, I was experimenting with a range of drinks, and at 18 years, I was drinking daily.

I found it a brilliant solution to being myself. The alcohol helped me forget everything all negative stuff and suppress all my feelings of low self-worth.

I tried my best to get jobs and apprenticeships. I wanted to have what my family had – ‘normality’. 

I would be successful in interviews, but holding a job down would be a challenge—my need to drink demanded priority and forced me deeper into social exclusion. 

The alcohol I was consuming became a huge problem. I was drinking more copious amounts, more frequently.

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My family tried to help me, but I could not stop. Looking back, I can see how frightened and frightening I was. 

I wanted to live without alcohol, but I entirely feared a life without it. Life was so unmanageable, and my mental health got worse. I even contemplated suicide. 

I felt totally isolated, my family got tired of the broken promises. 

I started attending peer support groups like AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) which introduced me to a life I have always wished I could have.

I found the hope I needed. I believed sobriety could be possible, and my situation seemed less fearful with each meeting I attended. 

However, I was still drinking daily. I decided professional services were needed as I clearly could not stop without more intensive help. 

It was at one of the AA meetings that someone who told me about AddictionsUK.

I knew I needed more intensive and professional support, and they provided with a dedicated professional team. A home detox was arranged, and I was supported throughout the process.  

AddictionsUK arranged daily remote therapeutic sessions. I felt supported and motivated all the way through. I felt I was not alone. The fees charged was reasonable and affordable for me. 

Simon Stephens, the AddictionsUK Director of Casework is qualified as a senior accredited psychotherapist and a genuine human being with plenty of empathy.

It was reassuring to know that he too was in recovery from addiction

Eventually, the craving to drink lessened and I was finally felt free from alcohol.

Currently, I am still engaging with my recovery programmes. I am over 2 years sober, and my life feels more in control.  I recommend Addictions UK to any other person needing a home detox

They offer services throughout the UK – in London, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.

I want to go to college this year to retrain and feel it is possible. I am still in regular contact with my therapist, and I know that I can trust him. 

I cannot thank AddictionsUK enough.  My life has been transformed – I now have choices.


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