Pornography Addiction

A growing number of men and women are worried that their pornography habit has developed into an addiction. But shame and embarrassment prevents most from seeking help. The counsellors at AddictionsUK are recovering addicts, with good clean time, who understand what you’re going through. For confidential advice, contact us today.

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Is Addiction a Disease?

Is addiction a disease? Professional opinions vary, but most agree addiction is a physical and mental illness and NOT merely a lack of will power. Like any chronic illness, the symptoms of addiction cannot be managed without professional help. Find out more about our FREE recovery assessment.

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I Can’t Do Rehab

If an addict has a family and other responsibilities to care for sometimes they’re not in a position to stay in a residential rehab facility. AddictionsUK provide a home-based treatment that fits into your existing routine. Call us today, to see how we can help you.

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