Addiction: Denial and Recovery

It is often so frustrating for the family of an addict or alcoholic to convince him or her to seek treatment for their condition. For the family, it can be incredibly exasperating that the affected person does not even acknowledge that they have a problem with addiction. In such a situation, the addict is actually […]

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Tobacco Takes Your Breath Away

May 31 is World No Tobacco Day There was a time when smoking was very much a part of typical daily life. People smoked everywhere: in planes, ships, cinemas, offices and homes. Smoking a cigarette, cigar, or pipe was considered ‘macho’. Film stars smoked away in movies as did models in advertisements. Anyone who was […]

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Why Choose a Home Detox?

Over the last ten years, alcohol and drug-related deaths in the UK have steadily been on the rise. Currently, figures relating to deaths as a result of drug usage are at record levels, with Scotland now deemed the drug death capital of Europe. This has shockingly coincided with the closure of many UK based residential […]

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