Is Addiction a Disease?

Is addiction a disease? Professional opinions vary, but most agree addiction is a physical and mental illness and NOT merely a lack of will power. Like any chronic illness, the symptoms of addiction cannot be managed without professional help. Find out more about our FREE recovery assessment.

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I Can’t Do Rehab

If an addict has a family and other responsibilities to care for sometimes they’re not in a position to stay in a residential rehab facility. AddictionsUK provide a home-based treatment that fits into your existing routine. Call us today, to see how we can help you.

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Helping the Families of Addicts

How does Addictions UK help the family members of recovering addicts? Hello, my name is Simon Stephens, I’m Director of case work for AddictionsUK. The illness of addiction can cause chaos and unmanageability in family members lives. It’s most important that they remember too, that they need help, we can offer this help in a […]

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HALT – Addiction Triggers

When craving strikes, the reason often stems from an unresolved physical or emotional need. The 4 most common triggers are: H: Hungry/Thirsty A: Angry L: Lonely T: Tired Address the need and often the craving melts away. For more guidance on addiction treatment, take a look at the vast services we provide.

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Finding an Addiction Support Group

Finding an Addiction Support Group can be invaluable on your road to recovery. If your location, or circumstances prevent you from attending, we can provide you with a home-based alternative. AddictionsUK provides support and counselling via telephone, mobile phone or Skype. To speak to one of our counselling team, call us on 08001404044, or contact […]

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